Does studio finish concealer run "light?"


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I've always used this in NW20, a shade darker than my foundation. (Tried the NW15 and it made my dark circles grayish.) I always assumed this was because the skin under my eyes is darker than the skin on the rest of my face, but looking at the NW20 concealer next to a bottle of select finish in the same shade, it seems much lighter. Mac's shades being a little wacky as it is, do all the concealers run "light" or just the studio finish?


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Studio Finish is one concealer I have not tried on myself personally as it is far too drying. Each person I have tried it on usually winds up with a shade lighter -- I did try the Studio Sculpt, and in that shade I have the NC15 -- and I find that it is a bit off color with my base too.


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The titanium dioxide in the sunscreen probably throws the color off, too. Shadewise, there doesn't seem to be a huge jump between NW15 and NW20, but NW20 is noticeably peachier, which makes for a better undereye concealer. I've noticed a lot of people use NW20 for under the eyes. I was just curious because I've never used studio sculpt or select and wondered if the shades were consistent (though with Mac, they usually aren't).


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I find that the thicker concealers like Studo Sculpt and Studio Finish can run a bit light and my personal theory has always been it is because they are more opaque. Now I admit this could be complete BS but it's my theory.

When I am working I usually use Moisturecover around the eyes since it covers well and isn't so dry. The dryer finish and thicker consistency around the eyes can be pretty aging on a lot of people and can highlight every last line and texture issue.

But for extreme dark circles I will involve a tiny amount of sculpt or studio finish.


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I've noticed the same thing....I am a NC43 in Studio Fix Powder, but with the Studio Finish concealer I use a NC45, which is an almost exact match and which I use for undereye dark circles.

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