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Nice pinks! Instagram

Must admit, have not been too motivated to buy DG... don't know what's new.

They came so far from the IVF statements for SG to then take part in that ridiculous body-shaming of Lady Gaga recently.

The Mambo and Abaya lines are gorgeous
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Totally changing the subject! And no idea where else to post this, but more so, I wanted to let you know, coz I know you loves Tatcha :heart:
I never got my A Plum Blossom :mecry:but...looky looky tasty cookie!
Twilight: A Cherry Blossom Lip Trio $85 for the set, coming soon!
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BUMP! :roflmao:
Dolce & Gabbana Royal Parade Holiday 2017 Collection

Dazzling Gold All Over Stick – Limited Edition
The new, All Over Stick gives a radiant golden glow to the eyes, lips and cheeks in a simple stroke.

Classic Cream Lipstick:
217 Royal Pink (Limited Edition)
625 Scarlett
Perfect Mono Eyeshadow:
105 Royal Blue (Limited Edition)
75 Royal Green (Limited Edition)
The Khol Pencil:
23 Gold (Limited Edition)
5 Peacock
Nail Lacquer:
232 Royal Pink (Limited Edition)
729 Royal Blue (Limited Edition)
635 RedDazzling Gold (Top Coat) (Limited Edition)


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