Donation help for Humane Society


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Hi guys,
This will probably be mostly for anyone located in Houston, but I'm collecting old blankets, towels, food, etc. for the Houston Humane Society. They are a no-kill facility and their cages are outside b/c they work strictly off of donations. This makes it difficult to continue feeding and supplying the large amount of animals that are sheltered there.

Since it is starting to really turn cold in Houston, I'd like to try and collect as many blankets and towels as possible for the little critters. Also, the food supply is really low, so if you wanted to donate puppy/kitty food, that would be great.

If you are interested in donating money, I'm happy to take a check made out to the Houston Humane Society and I will get you a receipt. If you are in Houston, my drop-off location is at my office in the Heights. It is located at 1545 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77008. If you would like me to meet you to pick up, I can do that as well, just pm me and we can try to organize a time. Also, if you are sending from out of town, pm me and I'll get you my address. I'm planning on making drop offs every Saturday.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. I really appreciate it and I know the dogs and cats will too!



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^^Just another reason why I love you so much!


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Awww. Thanks sweetie. I love my animals and I worry about them!! I just dropped off a bunch of donations today. I set up donation boxes at my dry cleaners, my vet, and my front office at my apartment complex. My office is the main drop off location. I am so touched by how many people in my own office (work) that have donated stuff as well as my past clients. It is so sweet. I had a feel good day today!!!