droopy eyelids


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i know it doesnt even seem like a big deal... but im only 18 and i guess i was born with heavier eyelids... i hate it . to me it looks as if my eyes are lifting up my eyelids... they hang over so much that you cant even see eyeshadow on me when my eyes are open... i even went far enough to check out eye lid lift surgery and it costs about $3000... which is impossible to get. i dont know how to deal with it when its just one more thing that adds to my self consciousness. anyone else have this problem?


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You sound like me at that age. I absolutely HATED my eyelids up until I turned around 26? LOL. But by then I learned what techniques work for my eyes, colors, placement and have embraced them in all their droopy glory.

My advice would be to make sure your brows are ALWAYS sculpted and have a nice lifted arch. It just makes the eye look more lifted. And I find that contrary to all popular advice to put a light color on the covered part of your lid and a darker color on the puffy part that covers it, smokey eyes (darkest at lashline, lightest at brow) look best on our eyes. But that may just be my personal preference. But smokey eyes have become my secret weapon. Also too, a sparkly color on the actual lid with a smokey looks gorgeous too! On minimal makeup days, just mascara and white eyeliner in the lower lashline and a highlighter looks really pretty to.

So play around with different looks and see what makes you feel comfortable. It's alot of learning and alot of fun!!!


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I have the same eyelid ! Could you show us a picture? I'm a plus size woman, et sometimes I hate these eyelids because they seem as fat as me lol.
But with time (and the help of a friend of mine, who is a MUA), I finally understood how to deal with, and hot to apply make up. Many readers of my blog tell me that tutorials and pictures of my make ups made help them, because it's not easy to know where to place the eyeshadows.
You can look for YT videos with the keywords "hooded eyes" or "hooded lid". I found a video from Gossmakeupartist which really helped me.

The best advice I could give you when you apply make up on your eyes : check your work with open eyes!!


I have heavy eyelids too and I still occasionally hate them. I have to wear quite heavy eyeshadow on crease and above it to make it look anything when my eyes are open. I'd love to have surgery on them but I know I won't for many years (plus atm it's too expensive for me too) :D I just need to use make up I know works on me.


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I also have hooded eyes and always have had them, so I can't even blame my age. It is genetics for me, as I am part Native American and have both hooded eyes and a little bit monolid in the inner corner. Always a challenge but you learn as you go along. I agree with shaping your brows nicely and giving it a nice arch, provided your eye shape is supposed to have one. Either way, just never go too heavy on brow colour or your eyes will look even more sagged. I find frosted or very light toned shadow for highlighter just under my brown gives my eye a nice lift. Most of my shadow is hidden until I blink, so two fun tricks. Again, add some shimmer on the lids as well as blend up a wee bit higher than your regular crease so you get a hint of colour. I also softly wing out my shadow in a very smokey way to bring the attention to the sides and not the puffy lid! Same with using some pretty eyeliners on the lower lash line. Darker in the corners and a pop of blue, purple or green in the middle! And yes, a smokey eye looks fabulours. I like to mix it up with browns, pinks, taupes, purples and greys, all at once sometimes! UD, e/s frm the MAC Peacock collection (mega-metal) and Dior or Chanel shadows work nice.

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I'm a Chinese and I have hooded eyes. My double eyelids are semi-hidden, especially in the inner eyelids. I learn to do my eye makeup to compliment it, darker colours at the outer lids and slightly into the crease. Not too much in the crease since my crease isn't that deep or obvious, otherwise I look funny. You can try putting eyeshadows higher up your lids, like the ladies suggest, do it with your eyes open. I have a problem with eyeliners though, they aren't really visible unless I draw a very thick line, which looks funny.


Droopy eyelid-ers of the world unite!

I hate my eyelids, mine are genetic so there isn't an awful lot I can do about them. I cant afford surgury and since its my brow bone rather than eyelid fat (If you know what i mean) I'm not even sure if they could even do anything??
Over the years I've become a master of the smokey eye and winged liner it seems that nothing else seems to work on me.
I get so jealous when i watch girls do tutorials on youtube with perfect eyes. I hate you all!!!


I have to agree with everyone. I have what looks like creases on my upper eye. I try to use concealer but I still see the crease. Grrr


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I'm with ya guys. But I just can't get a good grip on how to do my makeup. I love all the looks I see online, and am excited to do them. Then I do, and look in the mirror, and you can't see anything! You gals who are good at it should make a tutorial! (Or maybe you already have and I missed it!)


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I think we look at those girls advertising make up, that have perfect eyes to show off the eye make up, forgetting that they are only models and there are so many of us with hooded eyelids...)) I hated my eyelids too until I learned how to apply make up to hide that.. I must say I just learned that myself through experience, because when I used try to repeat a tutorial off youtube it always went wrong.. My advice is to experiment with make and enjoy doing so..)) There's no way I would change anything about myself. Girls, love yourself and be happy