Dye idea help, asap!


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i'm planning on going to the salon hopefully tonight,
but possibly tomorrow afternoon.
i want to dye my hair black & blonde, but i'm stuck between a few different choices.

1. black with blonde highlights
2. blonde on top, black on bottom
3. black on top, blonde on bottom
4. blonde with black highlights
5. platinum blonde highlights in the hair color i have now

i'm also a bit unsure as to what color blonde i should do, i was thinking a pretty platinum type color, but i'm not sure how good that would look?
let me know what you think!




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Do it platinum blonde with black underneath and some black streaks through your side bangs. I think it would look really good on you.


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Dont be nervous! If you hate it, dye it all back dark

I think this pic is cute/ Im going to do mine sooooooon

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