Earthquake in Los Angeles


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I hope you are all ok over there!


I was in class during the earthquake. I was on the highest floor, so it was pretty scary. Everyone was really calm and got out of the building safely. We went back to class, though. :[

There were no major problems, so that's good.


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It was pretty strong. I saw the TV shaking & I was scared it was going to fall over. It seemed like it lasted awhile too. I'm just glad it didn't happen at night...those always scare me the most. Thanks ladies


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Oh man. I freaked out when it happened. I'm okay though, so are my family and friends.

I thought someone was playing really loud music at first. And then EVERYTHING was shaking! Ran to a doorframe fast as I could.


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I think it was centered in LA, but I felt it pretty clearly here in the O.C. too.


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It felt like it lasted a really long time even though it was probably 30 seconds, it was scary though. This is the first time I've ever been at work during an earthquake and the buliding felt like it was swaying back and forth eeek.

It was centered in Chino Hills, a lady in my office lives there and called her house, her daughter said their patio collapsed and lots of things inside the house fell over!


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It was pretty scary...i was in bed when my bed and everything started shaking and i was just staring at my ceiling fan, it kept swinging around..I thought it was gonna come down but it didn't

So glad everyone is ok for the most part!


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THanksk guys. I'm in LA and felt it sooo scary my heart was pounding. I was at my desk online and saw my plant next to desk move but since i had my leg crossed i said i probly moved it then it got stronger and i got up and went to the (brain fart) where the door is LOL and parents were in the house and mom was praying dad was like whatever. I was nervous for like 3-4 hours heard a noise and jumped i have never been like that and im 25!!!!. Forgot to mention that cell phones and work phones were not working for a while I tried to contact my family members to no avail until like 2 hours later, scary.


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i was at work when it happened. i work in chino so it was pretty strong. nothing happened at the office that was major just a bunch of things that got knocked down. the patients started freaking out though and then everyone was freaking out because no calls could be made and cell phones were jammed. =[