Easy products for self-conscious mom on chemotherapy?


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Hi All,

My mom is on chemotherapy (not for cancer) and is losing her hair, which is making her very self-conscious. To make matters worse, she is recently single again for the first time in 28 years. She is 63 and has never particularly worn makeup, but is interested in trying something now to brighten her face a bit and to distract from the loss of her thick, wavy hair which has been her most prominent feature her whole life.

I don't think she would be happy wearing anything heavy because she is so used to looking natural, but something like a tinted moisturizer that works with mature skin and a natural blush that doesn't need a lot of skill to blend might work? She wears glasses and has a lot of trouble applying anything to her eyes so a single wash of color would probably be it. I like paint pots for this but it's really easy to apply them heavily to an opaque finish, which might be too much for her. Lipstick would be my first thought in adding color to her face, but her lips are quite thin and she has not mastered lipliner. (Does anyone know anything about lip injections with older adults? Though that may be contraindicated with her medications.) She has been using sheer tinted lip products to this point, but the glossiness honestly looks a little weird. Something with more color and less gloss in a neutral, pretty color would probably be more flattering. Her skin is medium-fair with olive undertones, dry, and not very elastic (i.e., post-menopausal and wrinkled).

Any ideas for super-easy products that work with mature skin that I could try on her? My normal "easy" routine of mascara and bright lipstick (my MAC addiction) over mineral foundation isn't going to work for her and I don't want to overwhelm her with products. I would also love to take her to consult with a MUA in the Seattle area if anyone has a referral for someone who is good with products and techniques for mature skin.

Thank you!


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Bourjois makes a range of matte lipcreams. They have a very pretty light rose colour that might add colour without being too intense. Plus they're nice and moisturizing.


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Thanks! I am thinking I will spend an afternoon going through Sephora and Nordie's with her. Limiting the number of products to try and keeping the goal simple will help to keep both of us from becoming overwhelmed! Is the Bourjois comparable to MAC's Amplified lipstick? I have Cosmo and was thinking that could be a pretty color for her. Since we don't live in the same city I haven't had a chance to swatch my stash on her.

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