Electro Flash FOTD


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I love these MSF shadows! I also love the brushes that came with them (permanent). These e/s are so buildable and so versatile!

I love the MSF blushes as well, they are so pretty! BTW, I swear you only need to dab in your 181 brush inside once, and you'll get enough product on your cheek! Also, this brush is the SOFTEST brush I have so far.

I'm overly excited it's scary. hahaha I wish the pictures showed how vibrant they are in person

I hope you all enjoy and thank you in advance!!!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Two To Glow - solid part (crease)
Odd Couple - multicolored (crease)
Fresh Green Mix - solid (lid)
Sea & Sky - both (lower lash)

Regular face stuff + MSF duo in Medium dark


Hover lip liner
California Dreaming ls



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aw Patty...I think you are just sooo pretty...the colors look great. You have such beautifully shaped eyes

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