ELF? Where to buy online?


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Hi! I'm from Hong Kong and currently lusting over ELF Powder Blushes. Where can I buy them internationally except for ebay? PLMK! TIA! :D


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You can find some on ebay, or you could ask someone from another country to buy it for you and send, you can send them money on paypal. :)


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hi I'm new here and I came across your post, hope this help.
I always get my elf stuff from www.puffypuff.com
the company is based in HK.


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Hi, I live in New Zealand and got me some elf products from nonpareilboutique.com
I live in New Zealand too ^-^ ~ our Westfield mall used to sell ELF products but then they moved last year and it's like impossible to find in-store these days. I usually get mine from these stores:


I reckon eBay is the best place to buy from, you don't have to spend loads of postage, some sellers offer free shipping!

elf Hong Kong

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Hey ...

No need to buy online....

You can buy most of the elf products in Tsim Sha Tsui, 45-47 Carnarvon Rd., The Studio, 2nd Floor, shop 237.