Ellenton, FL CCO (Prime Outlets at Ellenton)


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Orlando Premium Definitely has gold, I just got back in town today and had to make a trip to Orlando. I didn't see electric coral, but they had several neons including process magenta and marine ultra. The stock at Ellenton was about the same, but a few of the pigments have sold out.


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I went twice last weekend. They didn't have anything worth the drive IMO. I do recall...

Cremeblend blushes from Lillyland
Full Fuschia and Dirty Plum from that metal rock collection (the Orlando outlet has DP in the GMLOL packging)
a few shadows from the Love that Look and Spring Forecast Collection...
Porcelain Pink, So Ceylon, Triple Fusion, Gold Deposit, and Cheeky Bronze msfs
a few of the Jin Choi polishes from last year.

everything else has been there for awhile...I was a little disappointed.


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Went again today!!! OMG...they had SHELL PEARL beauty powder (along with the other one)! I was so excited! They also had both blushes from GMLOL (Prim and Proper and Dirty Plum), two of the lipglasses (the dark one and Frankly Fresh), and two of the eyeshadows (Free to Be and Bough Grey!). The also had both nailpolishes (Blue India and Vestral White). They also have Bright Future e/s. Besides that everything else was the same.


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Originally Posted by Cleopatruh
No Ripe Peach? :]

Unfortunately nope :0( They had Azalea Blossom and Springshine


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Originally Posted by Prototype83
Unfortunately nope :0( They had Azalea Blossom and Springshine

Same as mine! It had Vintage Grape too. I picked up an Azalea Blossom but mourned the lack of RP. :p


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I actually went in this morning

First off, I don't think I'll go in the morning time anymore....I normally go in during the afternoon on the weekend the the two older women are so sweet to me. I went in and there was an older woman and a younger woman. As soon as I walked in they completely stopped talking and smiling; the whole store went quiet...they looked nervous and the atmosphere was pretty tense for awhile after that. They warmed up at the end, but it made me feel very anxious. I guess they don't get many black women in this location....

Anywhoo, they did get in a few new items...but most of them were perm items. Mostly eyeshadows, and blushes.

All of LOL
Off Summer
Honey Lust
Carbon and the lighter e/s from VV

BLUSHES...they had alot of the mineralized blushes from last year's collections
Optomistic Orange
Happy Together
Get Away Bronze
Desert Rose
Fleur Power
Vintage Grape
Beauty powders from Rose Romance
Highlight powders from Naked Honey

Lipglasses and Lipsticks were pretty much the same. They did have some of the Pro Longwear colors and the lipglasses from Marcel Wanders.

No new pigments, the same old ones and even those are slim pickins

Same with the brush/brush sets
This is what I remembered, I'll add if someting comes up. Didn't spend too much time in there because of my experience...sorry :-(


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Thank you so much for this. I definitely want to go soon.

Don't worry, the employees always treat me that way too & I am a little white girl. So it's everyone..there is one older lady in particular there with a Boston accent who drives me crazy. It must be her "way" of scoping people out to just stand near them and talk non-stop. It makes me so uncomfortable and my friend who is usually with me too. We are just like go awayy
It's hard to look at the products when they are staring/talking nonstop.


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I'd love to know too!

I'll probably be there sometime this weekend though (my first time at a CCO!), and I'll try to remember the stock and post about it afterwards :)


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Okay, I went on Saturday and definitely got a few things! I was impressed with their stock and could have bought more but I resisted ;)

I ended up buying:

Briar Rose (Maleficent-from Venomous Villains)!
Alpha Girl (with the flower imprint)
Violet pigment (old jar)
Push the Edge pigment (new jar)
Half-Wild paint pot (from Posh Paradise)

So, this is what I remember seeing, there was definitely more but I kind of skipped the less interesting looking things

Lip stuff:
Riveting Rose (resisted this one!)
VG Gaga 2
Love Forever! prolongwear
the purple prolongwear
almost all of the Super Dazzle Glasses
a few different cremesheen dazzle glasses, or possibly cremesheens with some glitter?
Playing Koi
Naturally Eccentric
All of the Wonder Woman super sized lipglasses
Temper Tantra Kissable
Scan-delicious Kissable
So Vain Kissable
Peacocky Kissable
Frankly Fresh (liberty of London)
VG Cyndi lipglass
A few Marcel Wanders lipglasses
Other stuff I can't remember; there were definitely a few more lipsticks (definitely a couple more prologwears!) and lipglasses as well, but they did not look appealing and the names escape me...there could have also been a couple more of the Kissables as well.

Quads/eyeshadow palettes:

Wonder Woman pink Quad
Angel Flame Quad (I was surprised they had this one already!)
Cutie Quad
the older blue smokey-ish quad
Tartan Tale palettes- I'm pretty sure it was Reelers and Rockers and Twists of Tartan


Bough Grey (LoL)
Dame's Desire (LoL)
Give Me Liberty of London (LoL obviously...)
Free to Be
Mineralize- there was lots of these, but I avoid them and they were just thrown into a box on the counter, I remember Golden Gaze being there though!
Purple Shower
Shimmermoss (TtB packaging)
Vile Violet (VV)
Sweet Joy (VV)
Off the Page
Going Bananas
several Tartan Tale tartan-pattern eyeshadows

Macro Violet fluidline
Bat Black CCB
Imaginary Paint Pot (I resisted this one as it's not really my color, but I'm already in love with Half-wild!)

Golden Lemon (new jar)
Reflects Rust (old jar)
Reflects Copper (old)
Blue Storm (new)
Fuschia (new)


Sakura Mineralize blush
Miss Behave Mineralize blush
The brown-ish Wonder Woman MSF
Hang Loose Mineralize blush
Both of the blush trios from Tartan Tale
Getaway Bronze w/ To the Beach packaging
Rose Ole'
Light Sunshine BP
a burgundy-ish creme blush?
Truth n Light magical powder (VV)
Cajun magical powder (VV)
My Highland Honey

and also a ton of Tartan Tale kits and a few of the Ice Parade/Glitter and Ice ones as well. If there's any specific ones you're looking for, I'd be happy to help :)

Also, some random criss-cross falsies, lots of nailpolish, and other random things that don't come to mind! I was worried there wouldn't be anything good, but I was very happy with what I got and saw. Although I wished there had been a few lippies for me to take home :(


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and I randomly just remembered that they had Intricate lipstick as well, I contemplated it, because of all of the pretty shimmer, but decided it would probably end up looking too frosty!

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