Employment at Sephora


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Does anyone work at Sephora? I was wondering how much they start the pay? I live in California so I know it would probably be different for the states.


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I know we have a few gals that work at Sephora.
I think pay will vary by each location.
I have a friend that works at Sephora. I am not sure what she makes but I know it's about $2 above CA min. wage.
She just started working there about 3 months ago and she had very little retail background. She's only part-time. She works a full time job and does the Sephora job on the side to help put some extra money in her pocket for shoes and makeup!


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Originally Posted by DaisyDee
This will sound so stupid, but is minimum wage different in every state? LOL Just curious.

yes it does and sometimes county to county