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Apologies for the quality of the pics-when I got the first set on my computer it washed EVERYTHING out with the flash, and then I tried it again sans flash and it looked bad too. A new camera is in order, n'est-ce pas?

For this super-elaborate FOTD you need the following:
Eyeshadows-Cool Heat, Pagan, Solar White, Crystal Avalanche, Aquadisiac, Moon's Reflection, UD Peace, UD Eldorado
Pigments-Aire-de-Blu, Mutiny, Jardin Aires, Helium
MSF-Light Flush, Northern Light
Your mascara of choice
Slimshine-Tropic Glow
Lipglass-Silly Girl
Step 1: After having done your face moisturization routine, put on your mascara. Currently, it's Clinique High Definition.
Step 2: Take your normal "pack it on" brush (I use my 252SE) and pack Crystal Avalanche on from lash to brow. Then pack on Solar White over that. It should look like a golder Crystal Avalanche.
Step 3: Take your 275 and work Cool Heat onto the outer third of the lid. I cannot do the "outer v" even after watching 10 or 20 tutorials, so I do the best with what I can do. Use whatever is left on the brush to work it into the crease...it shouldn't be dark, and if it looks messy it will get blended later.
Step 4: Take a shadow brush, if you have another 275 or don't mind using the first one use that, and work Aquadisiac in on the middle of the lid. Drag it over into the Cool Heat if you are so inclined.
Step 5: Take your 275 and apply Pagan on the inner part of the lid. It needs to be the 275 because that brush picks Pagan up the best.
Step 6: Take a 217 or your preferred blending brush and just lightly sweep it over the lid to blend it all. Then if you want to, pack a little more Cool Heat on the outer part of the lid.
Step 7: Take your 209, or 212 if you don't have the 209, and line the top lash line with the Peace colour. Do the same for the lower line except use Moon's Reflection.
Now we are done with the shadow and lining but not, my friends, with the eyes. Only a few more steps!
Step 8: Dip your 217 in a little bit of Aire-de-Blu and work it into your crease. Then take some Mutiny pigment and use it on the outer crease, outermost part of lid (over the Cool Heat partially), and then on the inner corner.
Step 9: Take your Jardin Aires pigment and blend it from the top part of the crease to the brow...it really warms up the look.
Step 10: Take the Eldorado with any random brush and blend it in RIGHT UNDER the brow. It's just for a small accent.
Now we are done with the eyes...you still paying attention? If so, good. If not, we're almost done.
Step 11: Take your random blush/powder brush and sweet Light Flush all over...I do the "Big C" which is above brow, around eye, down to cheekbone, chin, down the nose, and along my jawbone.
Step 12: Take the Northern Light and then buff it on (powder brush, applied in circles) the cheeks. I suck my cheeks in because it gives the best placement for me.
Step 13: Take your powder brush and dip it very lightly on the plastic topper for Helium pigment and apply on the cheeks the same way you applied Northern Light.
Step 14: Apply Tropic Glow to the lips, and then just dot on a bit of Silly Girl in a few places and rub lipst together to blend. Voila!

I also use a little Glissade along my collarbone to really make it appear bonier, and then I use Frederic Fekkai Full Volume mousse and FF Glossing Sheer Shine Mist for the hair.





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Great job and I love the way you included the step-by-step instructions. It is sure to help someone with this look!


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Isn't Tropic Glow amazing? I love it to death. Eventually later on I put on something different but it's so good esp. with the blue looks I am doing.