EOTD? Coppery smokes


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Hello again !
I should be sleeping (330am) but! instead I decided to play with make up once again. I was wondering how people did the "smokey" look, and so I was convinced to try it.

What I did basically was (yeah its the cheap way) take an eyeliner color in to my crease and then smudge it with a brush. then I added some carbon black blended upwards and added some copper + gold

I don't like how my camera washes out the color.




Close up of Eyes:

Products used:
Mac Pressed powder NC20
Everyday Mineral B&B blush (I swear I love this color...)
Annabelle eyeliner in coffee cafe 134
Annabelle eyeshadow Carbon black (metalic) 129
Cover Girl eye enhancers eyeshadow quad: I used Hot Cider, and Caramel Kiss.
Sky High Curves mascara by Maybelline-very black

Could this be an evening/night look? XD or is it not bold enough !
(sorry for the lack of lip stuff... I don't like having stuff other than chapstick on my lips. neither does my boyfriend.)


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thanks everyone !

shimmer: nah I really don't. My camera sucks so much it doesn't pick up all the weird bumps and stuff on my skin

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