Estee Lauder Kaleidoscope Pink 313


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My first ever beauty purchase, my one and only love, all 6g worth of it, less than dazzle glass... I cant find it again, I have none of it left and I really am wishing I brought 3 more spares now!
I have contacted estee lauder about it, and saw a few posts on other forums about it, but who here loves it?!

Its such a pretty colour but its not anywhere to be found anymore...It was the best thing Estee Lauder have ever brought out (Alongside touch eclat) and they should make it again! It really appealed to everyone.

Its a pinky orange oil kind of effect, its very moisturizing and not sticky and tastes nice, not sweet or savoury just nice.

10/10 in my opinion, but is anyone else crazy about it or know where to find it?
No luck on ebay or google