Everything You Need To Know About Accessing The Clearance Bin


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We appreciate your interest in our community and the robust and busy Clearance Bin section in particular.

Every new member receives a PM with this basic information, but since Admins and Mods are inundated on a daily basis with requests by members for this information I am posting it again as an announcement.

Members must meet the following parameters for their account to have access to the Clearance Bin.
  • Be a registered member for a minimum of 30 days
  • Have a minimum of 50 posts

PLEASE do not send staff a PM minutes after you have made your 50th post. Access is automatic and is handled by the forum software. It is not a manual process! The forum will handle this, access does not happen instantly but it generally happens with one hour. Please wait a full 24 hours before you contact a staff member to investigate your access.

*abused = cases of people purchasing premium member sub's just to access the CB and swaplift.
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Originally Posted by Samooga
What is the clerence bin???

it is a section of the forum where you can buy and sell items.


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very helpful, thank you!


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thanks so much for the info
its nice that there is a place to sell to other makeup enthusiasts


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I'm sorry but I've read somewhere you have to have 20 posts instead of 50. Did that recently change?


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oh, great, i was wondering how can i get my hands on mac, we don't have it here in croatia....)

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