Ex-boss is a cheapskate and nut job...


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Hello ladies. I'm in an icky situation right now and would appreciate help or your thoughts on what you would do if you were in this position. I know the answer seems kind of obvious, but since I've never been in this situation I want to take all possibilities into account first.

To start things off, I'm Canadian and live in Ontario, so for any of you Canadian/Ontarian ladies, it would be an advantage.

I worked at this retail store, Harnn + Thann, for 2 weeks. I got hired on the spot and there was no contract to be signed or whatever--he didn't even ask for my social insurance number. I thought it was weird and for a moment pondered on whether it was under the table or not, but kind of dismissed it since I didn't think it'd be a big deal. Oops. All I knew is that he said he tries to pay his employees over minimum wage ($10.25/hr) and that the pay cycle was bi-weekly.
Anyway, during the time I worked there, business was always very dead and quiet. My boss had a chill attitude about things, telling me not to stress out and just relax because there wasn't anything to do unless customers were in the store. I worked accordingly.
That being said, my boss also had a bad temper and cussed a lot. I thought he was kind of cuckoo but again, dismissed it.

So I worked there for 5 shifts until I got another job offer for a full-time position. I told the assistant manager, who was in charge of scheduling, and she told me to take the other job. That being said, she didn't want me to come in for my remaining shifts. She told me that the boss will call me shortly about getting my pay for the work I did.

3 weeks later, not a word. I called and he said he'd send me the cheque.
Another 2 weeks passed, not a word. I called again and he said "Shit, I forgot. Is this your number? I'll call you back. I'll send you your paycheck."
Another week passed, and no paycheck. I called again saying "It's been a week." He told me to come pick it up the next day and it'd be there.
I texted him to remind him, in case he'd "forget".
"I'll be there by noon. See you tomorrow with the paycheck."

So I came in today and picked it up. Surely enough, on that cheque was less than half of what I was supposed to receive. Before taxes he owed me $245 for the hours I worked. He gave me a $100 cheque. WTF?

Now, I know this isn't like, thousands of dollars or anything, but $100 would not cut it for the hours I did. I worked for about 24 hours. $100? What a joke.

I stood there in a store, waiting to discuss it with him. I gave him a look of "this is not right..." and he started yelling at me. (I'll omit the exclamation points since I'm sure you get the idea anyway.) I couldn't talk over him, let alone try to utter anything. Also, do assume that every 5th word was a F word.

"You're lucky I even paid you. You've been chasing me for the past 6 weeks for nothing. You didn't do SHIT while working here. You just stood around like a lazy ass, not doing any work. You didn't sell anything. You've been here for 2 weeks; after 2 days you should've been selling. You're nothing like the other girls that work here, like her [points to employee]."

So I was like "I came in and worked and did my hours and this isn't even the minimum!"

He proceeded to corner me out of the store, complaining about the text message I sent him and so forth.

"You think you deserve more than that $100? You know what, just take it and get the fuck out or give it back to me."

I told him that this wasn't right, so he made a threat.
"You're gonna try to do something about it? Try it. Nothing is gonna happen. Go and try getting help or whatever. If you fuck around with me, I'm gonna burn you to hell. So leave me the fuck alone and don't ever message me again."
He slammed the door.

I just stood out there for a moment in disbelief.

I guess the obvious thing to do it go to the labour board or whatever. But can I?
+ He didn't log in all my hours that I worked. I remember the hours I worked, but I don't remember exactly which days I worked.
+ He never took my social insurance number (or any other personal info) upon hiring me.

I wonder if the whole time I was going to be paid under the table. It's a friggin chain retail store (there's only 1 in North America, the other stores are across Asia and Europe) for fuck's sakes.
Anyway, since he kicked me out of the store, I still have that cheque but I didn't cash it out.
So basically I'm upset that:

1. He tried to avoid paying me
2. He ended up paying me less than my earnings
3. He threatened me.

At the moment, I'm waiting for my mentor to come back from the States so he can talk to my PSYCHO ex-boss into paying me what I deserve, since I don't want to worsen things by going to the labour board (if I can even do that).
But since my PSYCHO ex-boss also threatened me ("burn you in hell", wtf), I wonder if I can do anything about that.

What would you do in this position?
Thanks in advance and sorry I couldn't condense it without leaving details! Much love.


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Wow :( What an awful man. In Australia we have a government dept called "Dept of Industrial Relations" who would be the place to go to for employment disputes such as this - do you have a similar thing in Canada?


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We have the Ontario Ministry of Labour. I read on the site and I think I'm eligible, so I know that's always an option. Since they'd totally be on his ass and it'd make him absolutely loathe me, I'm trying to save that as a last resort.


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At the very least, try. Report him to the labour board, the Better Business Bureau and anyone else who will listen. I'd even talk to the police about his threat, just to have it on file. His behavior is outrageous and he needs someone to put him in his place. You may not get your money, but you will show him you're not going to take that abuse. Does he own the store? If there is anyone he reports to, send each and every one of them a letter outlining this event.

Document everything in writing for your own records.

If he threatens you again, don't just brush it off, contact the police. This guy sounds like a lunatic. If you ever go speak to him again face to face, put a little tape recorder in your pocket


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yes try and get in contact with the people that can help. it may be tough getting an accurate paycheck from this guy though seeing as no contract or anything was signed. but you must tryt. this guy is an ass! also did anybody see you when you came to collect the check and did they see him go off at you? because if they did perhaps they could be a witness to say that it did happen... possibly tricky for them but it's worth a go.


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Thanks for the replies ladies. ^_^
It does worry me that due to the lack of track record of my hours, I won't get paid. But I'm definitely going to try to take action for the threat. I'm not going to let him think he's won. Even if 4 days have passed, I can't let him get away with it. Tomorrow my mentor returns from the States and he'll do some talking. I'm feeling really impatient though, I kind of want to take matters into my own hands but if there's a chance I'll get my money if my mom's boss talks to him, then I'll try that first.

There is one witness: a girl who works there. I don't know her or her name though, since we've never worked together. She wouldn't be my witness because she's worked for him for 2 years and is obviously loyal to him.
I'm never talking to him again personally to his face, I'm too scared of him. =/


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Is there any cameras in the store? I'm sure that would be pretty good proof to a certain extent that you did show up to work on said days/times.