experiment : neo sci fi with a hint of naughty nauticals


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products used:

face : base:

  • select cover NC20
  • prep + prime eyes
  • moisturelush eye cream

  • mixing Mutiny pigment with Clarity Matte2
  • solar bits : Black ore + sunpower
  • evening aura (LE) e/s
  • magnetic fields (LE) e/s
  • blacktrack fluidline eyeliner
  • gold eyeshadow from Dress Camp compact
  • engraved powerpoint
  • dazzleglass comet blue lower lash line
  • mascara X : black
  • pigment : naked
I just wanted to experiment with a look which would look good with Neon colors. Just using blacks and browns from Neo Sci Fi was a bit too natural to look good on cam, so I added the pop of blue.
have a great summer :)


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Love the whole look of the veil over your face and the eyes showing through!


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If you're looking for something that works well with neons, the colors that you've chosen look great!
I would only have two suggestions, 1) try using a variety of more matte eyeshadows and 2) use a base that will make the color on your eyes stand out.