Expert opinion on this statement please?


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Hiya all

Guys can any of you knows if that is possible?Or am I losing my marbles
I thought that the main MAC factory is in Canada?
Here is what happend...i emailed a seller with regards to a replica Mac listing their reply sort of confused me ( although i did not believe at all) but here is the reply:
Ok what i need to know where is the actual location of MAC cosmetics?Are they made in other countries apart from US,Canada?
Thank you in advance for any help xx
Item number: 220691544732
[h=3]Dear chiara2311,

Hi thanks for the message. Well we dont list it as
an authentic mac product. I bought these replicas
from a factory that makes mac cosmetics and i know
for sure that the ingredients used are exactly the
same as in mac thats been manufactured anywhere
else. I will pay back the money for the product if
anyone will be dissatisfied !
Kind regards
[/h] - atytte


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you bought a replica -- aka, not the real thing. MAC has factories all over the world in order to supply it's stores all over the world.. but they all produce MAC registered products.

don't worry, at least it isn't a collectible, an antique or gold plated instead of gold.

No manufacturer will reveal who they have contracts with either.... so their reply was just pro forma and a courtesy response.