Extinct fakes being resurrected!


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Hiya all :)
I came across fake Mac,which i havent seen for ages !Well i actually thought they were dead and extinct a bit like dinosaurs!This ebay UK,seller,has taken to selling fake Mac,like a duck to water,his/hers items include Mac Barbie blush with brush ,the awful Mac pigments with SPOUTS?Yeay these were my favs!

the Dazzleglass(thanks Dawn)has TYPOs weight:1.92g/0.0 US oz??Wth?The fake Mac Mineralize Blush,has plastic insert!Nice touch!Guys,if you have 5 min please report :)I have already but eBay is taking their time!The Mac Liquid eyeliner,was sold on 7th dec.235 Pcs,and relisted this time only 260Pcs wow roaring Mac wholesale!!I have emailed the seller to point out that they have the worse replica Mac that i have seen!Their reply was the usual bu**s*it that all sellers of fakes use:

Dear chiara2311,

to be honest i bought these make ups from a friend and he and has told me that they are all authentic, but i don’t personally know anything about make up.
i have a largeamount of stock i need to get rid of and im not making a profit for how much i bought them but theres nuffng else i can do with them now..
thank you for your message and informing me.. i will see if i can try and return them to my friend who i bought them from :S
kind regards and happy hoildays

- atownorange
Lol @happy holidays

Mac pigments:Item number: 180599264097,180599271141,

Barbie blush:180599235299,180599232161,
Minearlize Blush:
Mac Liquid eyeliner:




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The only who looks slightly similar is the dazzleglass. The blush looks like measles, is that supposed to be dainty?