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Okay guys, this is going to sound like the dumbest question ever but it's got me lying awake at night.

What exactly is a crease, is it the bit where the skin folds or is it the eye socket? And when we say crease colour, do we all mean exactly the same spot?

Some people say it's the bit where you can feel the brush sinking in to your eye socket, but if I do that then no colour can be seen when my eyes are open!

When I say crease, it's the bit that can be seen above the tiny horizontal sausage that is my lid - when my eyes are open and looking straight ahead.
Does any of this make sense?


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I think its the socket, when you close your eye just above the lid.. and when I apply colour to my "crease", I put it in that area where the brush sinks into the socket as you say, and also a bit higher onto the bottom edge of the brow bone (this depends on the look)

If you blend out the colour you put there, you should be able to see it a bit when your eyes are open.. I suppose that depends on your eyes though!

Also remember that you blink and stuff (like your facial expressions change) so it's still noticeable when you're out and about, even if you can't see it in the mirror when you're looking straight ahead.

Hope that helps!


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the crease is where the lower lid meets the occipital bone -- and forms the shape of the underlying bone by covering it with skin. Where you place your ES for this are really determines shape - if applied winged your eyes are uplifted, if applied downwards, your eyes wil droop, and if applied outwards you will achieve a lovely opennes


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Hey Sal, you're probably deep set (like me) so that's why you can't see colour when applying only on the crease. You need to blend out and extend your crease colour ever so slightly above your natural crease to get the definition you want.

However, like HerGreyness mentioned, make sure you keep it extend upwards so the eye is lifted.


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Thanks so much for your replies ladies! You guys are better than wiki

I just googled 'deep set eyes' and yes I think mine are.. I think that's what I was trying to say about my fat 'sausage' lids!

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