eyeliner for the water line?


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I must have a very watery eye because I can never get eyeliner to actually apply to the water line. I have tried pencil liners (various) and all the gel liners (BB, Stila, MAC). Would MAC power points work?


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I find that MAC eye kohls work much better, actually. I have a hard time trying to get powerpoints to show on the waterline. Strangely enough I find that one that works best on my waterline is the Maybelline smudge-proof kohl.


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It's been a long time since I've tried Maybelline liners, but I'll lokk into that. Do the MAC kohls stay on? I have used gel liners for so long, I forgot how whether I liked certain ones.


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The only MAC liner that I have had success with on my waterline is Smolder Eye Kohl -- I have tried Navy Stain PowerPoint and Teddy Eye Kohl and neither of them work for me... but Smolder is fantastic!!!


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I find that MAC fluidline works great on my waterline.
For extra staying power I put a powder e/s of the same color over it.

It last until I wash my face at night.


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My eyes water a lot, the only thing that I can get to stay in place is RimmelLondon's khols. I havent tried the fluidliners on my waterline yet...my brush is so thin it'd just scratch me...


The powerpoint is supposed to be waterproof (which it why i bought it, to use in my waterline) but i find that it's hard to even get it ON the waterline. if you use it on the eyelid, etc it does stay on well though.

I use black eyeshadow in my waterline, (MAC's Beauty Marked) and it stays on even in all the heat and when I go to clubs! You can also use Kohl liner ontop of that.
I find this is what works best
hope that helps


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I use prestige waterproof, stayed on so well not only in the waterline (yes, the waterline!) but on the skin that I needed to look for a new makeup remover strong enough to remove it!!!!!!!!!! (still got dark stains from the weekend!!!!!...nothing concealer can't fix for now)


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I use a waterproof estee lauder liquid liner..it seems to work the best...for some reason not even the fluidlines manage to stay on my eye :-(
I was told my a Stila artist once to use a smudgepot then an e/s of teh same color over it packed on to make it stay...it actually does stay on longer this way..and u can try it with a fluidline