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I currently have an Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion and even though it's my favorite eyeliner, it smudges so bad to the point that I can't use it when I'm wearing contact lenses. I want to know if there's a similar eyeliner that has the same pigmentation as UD Perversion but also smudgeproof. Waterproof and retractable are a plus. I don't mind pricing as long as it's a good product for at least a year.

I'd also like help on eyeshadows. I have hazel eyes and sometimes they can go either olive green, yellow, or brown. The yellow and brown sides tend to pop out more than the olive green nowadays. I'd like to know which eyeshadow colors (even eyeliners) can make the olive green side pop out. Brand (it can be any) and name of the product are a huge plus.

Please and a million thanx.

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I would have tried a teal or goldish/coppe eier liner. And brown mascara tend to make brownish eyes greener.

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