face and body mixing medium dupe


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hi there!
well halloween is really near, and i wanted to ask you all if anyone knows a good mac face and body mexing medium dupe...
i live in austria and we do not have a mac pro here. its just that i have a few halloween make up requests from my friends, but i really dont know what to use on their faces for example if i want to use pigments... i guess that if i use a normal face and body foundation with the pigments it would change the color... and if i would use just a moisturizer it would either sweat off or go off due to the really cold and moist weather we are having to deal with here atm.
does anyone know something similar to the mixing medium from other brands (we have) like for example from kryolan or mufe (those are the ones i can think of that could have something like that)

oh and one more thing... does anyone know if kryolan or mufe does something like puff paint... or where i can get that stuff???

thanks alot for any suggestions!