Face of the Past; Cult of Cherry Event!


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So I was sorting through photos in my computer and stumbled across some pictures I must have taken before I ran out the door to work during the Cult Of Cherry event last fall. Everyone at my store wore the face chart that resembled the displayer for the event. It was a lot of fun because we all had these cloth striped brush belts, and having your brushes in a different place can really mess with your head. but anyway I thought I would share since I remember being happy with the way it looked since it was so different than anything I would normally do.

What I used: (all MAC unless otherwise stated)
Select Cover Up NC35 brushed over T-zone
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Dark all over face
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep to contour lightly
Select Moisturecover under eye concealer
FIX + to set it
Powder blush in Blooming

Base: Soft Ochre Paint Pot and Lucky Jade shadestick
Eyelid: Sharp eyeshadow
Crease: Shadowy Lady eyeshadow
highlight: Smudged Violet eyeshadow
Liner: blacktracks fluidline
lower liner: feline kohl power on waterline and shadowy lady eyeshadow
Mascara: I can't remember

Lips: So Scarlet Lipstick over Velvetella cremestick liner.
Jampacked lipglass.

Thanks for looking! Comments/Criticism/Random Thoughts all welcome!


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this is so fantastic it hurts!
i want so scarlet so much and this makes me want it 50 times more!


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so scarlet is my favorite lipstick ever in life. so sad it was LE. but thank god i have 3 backups.

this is a gorgeous look on you hun


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Love the lips

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