Facial Moisturizer and Cleanser Help!!


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So Im finally getting into taking care of my skin better and i need some ideas for a good moisturizer for day as well as for night. I also need some ideas for a good facial cleanser.
At night after i shower my skin gets kind of dry and during the day it becomes slightly oily but not so much that you can see it but i do still have some extremely dry spots near my upper lip and cheek area. Some days though my skin does stay dry through out the day and it actually to the point of where it kind of flakes. ew i know. i've tried regular cream and it doesn't work. As for cleansers either they dry out my skin too much or leave a oily residue on my skin.
I'd be greatful for any ideas!!!


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I think it would probably be best if you got both a night cream and a day cream. I have something similar going on, though my skin never gets all that oily in the day time (though it's much oilier than it is at night after I shower). I'd say you should probably go talk to a skin care professional to see which type of skin you have (normal, combination, etc.). I have normal skin but it still can dry out at night, so I like using a day gel (because it's light and protects) and a heavier night cream so nothing dries out overnight. At night is when you tend to lose the most moisture in your skin, so if it's drying out, that's likely the most important time to be protecting it. It's difficult to recommend any particular moisturizers without knowing your skin type, but I've had awesome luck with the Vichy products in general, though they can be on the pricey side (to me anyway, I'm a student). L'Oreal makes some comparable moisturizers, though they're not a WHOLE lot cheaper. And No. 7/Boots makes some pretty good cheap moisturizers, which are the most effective cheap ones I've found. Good luck!


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A cream cleanser would be ideal for you since dryness and flakiness is your concern. You can try brands like Himalaya and St. Ives.
If you'd like something with a "soapy" feeling but doesn't dry out the skin, I'd suggest Clnique's Mild Facial Soap bar.

As for moisturizers, go for cream moisturizers. Himalaya has a basic moisturizers that's good enough to keep the skin feeling hydrated and not look flaky and dry. doesn't work miracles though.

For night time, I like to massage a dollop of glycerin on my skin before I moisturize for additional hydration.

For your skin type you should basically avoid foamy cleansers, toners and scrubs. Exfoliants should be used not more than once a week or once every 2 weeks and chemical exfoliants (salicylic acid) would be better for you than physical ones.

hope that helps!

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