Fafi Dolls Help!!!!


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Okay, so you are probably going to think that I am on crack for this, but I need help.

On my computer stand I have two little buddies that keep me company. One I made while babysitting awhile back, and another is from my friend because she felt bad that I couldn't take the full-sized ones with me to college. I love them dearly, but I was thinking that they needed a girl around, and when I heard about the Fafinettes coming out, I thought "Perfect!" However, I have a dilemma over which one to get (I really only want to get one) that will sort of go with my "buddies."

So, without further ado, here is my bad-ass Phineaus the wizard and sexy Bert the garden gnome:


So which one should I get? The one in green, black, or blue? TIA!

(BTW: Yeah, I know I am incredibly weird!!


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! Yes you are weird but I'm part of the same club. I've got some monitor buddies too which consist of my Naruto figurines and a miniature zombie with an ax that a friend hand painted for me for Christmas. I plan on getting all 3 dolls if I can afford to because I don't want to break them up and I have the perfect spot for them at the base of monitor.

I reckon the green one might fit in nicely with your collection. But then it might seem like it's Bert's girlfriend since they will have the same colour outfit and the wizard might get jealous and destroy them both! Maybe get black to be safe..


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LoL ^^

I personally want to get the redhead. Shes the sexiest to me. The blonde would make you have all blondes. if thats the kinda thing ur into.

Or you could get the black one and the 2 guys would have jungle fever. LoL


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Originally Posted by lainz
get all three and pimp the boys out!

There is going to be some freaky shit goin' on at the monitor. Chica bow wow...
Hardcore Wizard on Fafinette action!


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I'm not sure which one to suggest, but I will throw my hat into the ring for having monitor buddies.

Right now I have a Zoomie and my Death and Zatanna mini-busts.


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Originally Posted by lara
Don't they come in a set?

They are being sold seperately for AUS$17 each. They are ultra cute!