Fall 2009? Already? I am fashion challenged.


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I don't keep up with fashion and I am just starting to look into "makeup" trends. I never follow any guidelines though. I wear the makeup that I want.
However, at allure.com they are already giving us a sneak peak of Fall 2009 Beauty/Fashion trends? FALL? It's still Winter! We aren't even in Spring yet.
Is this why when It's finally cold in Phoenix they are getting rid of all the sweaters so you have to freeze to death?

Anyone else confused by this? So did fashion trends for spring and summer 2009 come out LAST year?


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Fashion shows always come out 6 months in advance. So you will see fall/winter fashion shows while in the warmer months, and vice versa. It's just how things are done - keeps fashion ahead of the times. I feel like they give you enough time to "prepare" yanno? Haha.

And since makeup is used to complement the fashion, it makes sense that makeup is also 6 months ahead of schedule.

When it comes time to actually sell their clothing/makeup though, it's in-time with the actual seasons. So I don't think the pulling of sweaters during the winter months has anything to do with this =p

As for who decides what's in in fashion and what's not, it's a mixture of things. You have your revolutionary designers, the ones with real vision who can affect an entire generation's fashion styles. Then you have your fashion muses, the people of the general public who are fabulous who influence these designers. But it's definitely fair to say that fashion designers decide what's in or not. But also remember that they're highly influenced by what's going around them. Example - this season's fashions (FW09) are quite sombre and heavy looking, possibly reflecting our current dire economic times?

To get a better grasp of the impact of fashion, I really enjoy the scene from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly gives Andy a lecture/monologue about the particular colour of the sweater that she was wearing that day. It's brilliant.