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~*~false lashes tut~*~


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Thank you for sharing. It's in Chinese, by the way

I picked up a few Japanese and Chinese magazines on my trip to Asia in late Jan. They've a lot of good tips on makeup, how to apply falsies and more.


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Actually with a good falsie application you can change the shape of your eyes slightly.. i.e., tilt/slant them up at the corner and fill in with eyeliner. It works!


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Originally Posted by Natashaaa
well i think that the only mistake is that u first glue the lashes
and then you apply eyeliner

err, when I apply falsies, I do either of the following:

1. Line the upper lid with eyeliner
2. Apply the eyelashes
3. Re-touch any spots with liner where you may see glue (the better you get at applic the less spots you see!

4. Curl natural lashes with the falsies and apply mascara
~~~~ or~~~~

1. Apply falsies
2. Curl and apply mascara
3. line the exterior part of eyelid only and the corners towards tear duct.

or you don't have to line at all.. but use black kohl on the water lines...

Lots of ways to use the Fakes.. if you get down the method to gluing them on!

this gives you a very sexy eye..

The idea is to make your eyes very sexy looking with Daisy Duck lashes