Favorite MAC Powder Blush?


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I am slowly easing more and more into MAC. Since I started collecting in January, I have gotten mostly eyeshadows. This past week, I got my first two fluidlines, and I have about 6 lipsticks, most from B2M. I want to pick up a powder blush or two to try out. I want powder since I am worried the blushcremes will make a mess of my sensitive skin, and am looking for a bit of shimmer. I am guessing by their name, the sheertone shimmers would be my best bet. For reference I am NW 20, blonde/blue. I have my eye on Trace Gold, Dolly Mix and Plum Foolery. What can you tell me about those, and what is your favorite MAC powder blush?

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I have extremely sensitive skin and the blushcremes have never caused me to break out. Plus, I love that they are buildable. As for powder blushes, I have Mocha and love it but I fear that it would be to WOW! for you. However, I have heard nothing but love for Blush Baby. I hope that helps.


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i have so many favourites but at the moment im loving Margin, Blushbaby and Pinch O' Peach.

I have both dollymix and plum foolery, love them both <3! Dollymix you have to make sure to use light handedly, looks so bright in the pan but its the best candy pink ever, and just about any skintone can wear this,being a sheertone shimmer, has the slightest shimmer to it which i love and it just adds a healthy glow to my cheeks.

As for plum foolery a slight warm, soft plum shade with subtle gold shimmer. Love this blush, although much prefer wearing it in the evening

Hope that helps xo


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Peaceful is my number #1 favourite but unfortunately it's discontinued (there's a picture of it here).

Dollymix is gorgeous, but have a light hand about it. I prefer the blushcremes, to be honest - I like building the blush on a clients cheeks in a creme formula, there's something about it that always looks really nice. Like foundation, creme blush ages, and the MAC creme blushes always age on the face nicely.


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Here's another vote for Blushbaby, it's just the perfect color IMO & it goes with everything. Don't let the way it looks in the pot fool you, it looks totally different when applied. I also love Style, Dollymix, Margin & Springsheen.


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Dollymix is really pretty, but when it's in the pot it looks REALLY dark...and REALLY pale on an actual person.

i have Honour and i just got Margin yesterday. they're both gold-ish blushses though, i don't know how you feel about those. but i'm an NW15 and Honour doesn't really show up on me (it's extremely pale) so i either pack it on or use it in culmination with another blush. Margin however, has fabulous colour payoff!


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Golden Kitty/Primpin' blush duo! I know it was LE, but seriously, my favorite from MAC of all time. You can get them on ebay *sometimes* and I have seen some at CCO's/CCS's.


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I'm NC42, and most blushes look too brown or chalky on me... When I'm good and tanned, I have to build colors like Cubic, Tenderling, and even Blushbaby to the point that it appears as if my cheeks are dirty! I have just recently discovered Plum Follery and Dollymix, and I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. DOllymix needs to be applied with a 187 for that perfect "flushed" look. MUST HAVES!


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I love "Coygirl," but it has no shimmer, and should be used very lightly.
It's a wonderful "natural rosy flush" blush.
Actually, I don't have trouble lightly applying any of the MAC powder blushes and I'm disabled, with lousy vision and the use of only one hand.
Generally, I think as long as you have a good brush and go slowly, you're going to be fine.
Shoot, I have Lovecrush and Frankly Scarlet(two "heavy hitters") and I do fine with either of them!
My suggestions: Invest in a good brush, if you don't already have one, make sure you're in good light, powder lightly before applying blush, and take your time. It's always better to build up more color if you want, instead of trying to wipe off a too-heavy application.
In my experience, it's fairly hard to go wrong with any MAC powder blush!

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