Favorite Pigments to use on Your Lips?

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I never knew what a difference MAC pigments applied on your lips can make until I saw this post on temptalia:

Pucker Up: Warmed-Up Fall Lips

Well, I need more ideas like that, so please tell me what MAC pigments, reflects and glitters you like to use on your lips! What are must haves?


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yeah i would wanna know too....what color are you looking for? i sat down one day and played with some of my pigments with lipgloss i didnt like that many and matte colors arent really that good to blend with lipgloss cuz they get darker


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i have used gold mode and brash and bold pigments on my lips. i mixed gold mode with a clear gloss and it was a nice chocolate/mauve color on me that is and for brash and bold i just dab a spot of the pigment on my lips and blended it with a cool reddish lipstick i already had on and the results were super cute. brash and bold is very pigmented and you only need a touch of it!!


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i mix my pigments with vaseline to form a glossy lipstick! bright fuschia pigment looks amazing! and also using pink pearl pigment looks really different and great for a night out!


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i have tried the rose pigment and its really pretty but for me i thought the gold undertone was a little to much


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i just looked at the blog gigglegirl has posted and mine didnt come out looking like that.......maybe i used to much pigment


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Vanilla pigment is fabulous to help tone down any bright lipglass. It adds a nude sheen that is so pretty! I love mixing it with plum,hot pink,and brown lipglasses.

I also love mixing C-Thru lipglass with Tan pigment and a little Vanilla for a nude beigey look.


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Bright Fuchsia
Pink Bronze
Black Black
Pink Opal
Royal Flush
Heritage Rogue
Revved Up
Apricot Pink


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I really like using Ruby Red pigment with clear lipglass. I always forget about using pigments as lip colors for the most part!


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do you guys mix the pigments with lipgloss and keep it in a tiny jar? i love the idea of using pigments on my lips, but it hate that i can't re-apply quickly (like a lipstick or regular gloss)


pink opal
Acid Orange.

i also love using the reflects glitters in lips like:
Reflects pearl
reflects gold
reflects antique gold
reflects blue

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you guys convinced me that I need Vanilla in my life

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