Favourite MAC pink lipstick?


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What's your fav Mac pink lipstick? Can be any kind of pink...fuschia pink, rose pink, bubblegum pink etc. Pls kindly state your MAC coloring if possible as well.

I'm an NC20 and i love Lovelorn lipstick (lustre). It's so smooth on my lips and it doesn't not dry my lips out

here's a pic of my lips with lovelorn (no gloss added)



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i dont know my color ( i use hyper real liquid foundation in NC200 if that helps) i'm in love with Lingerie, Punkin, Fun Fun, snob, and Real Doll. (i cant choose a favorate - i love them all!!)
This isnt MAC, but i also love Lancome Proenza Pink lipstick.


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I just realized that I've only tried a couple of 'pinks' from MAC's lipstick line..I feel pathetic

However, I truly do L
VE Pink Maribu, and believe that even *if* I've tried all of the pinks in the line, I'd still probably go with Pink Maribu; perfect color, perfect frosty texture...not too much, but juuuust enough pizazz...LOVE the stuff!

On that note, I'll have to start trying som'more of their 'sticks!! I'll first try the ones rec'd in this thread....


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I'm NW20 and LOVE Sequin. I know some people call this plum rather than pink, but to me it's a plummy pink- LOL. I also love Rocking Chick. Twig is nice for a professional or neutral look.


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I'm lighter than an NC15 and my favorite MAC pinks are...

-Blow lipstick (which I'm wearing in my Specktra icon!)
-Polish Me Pink lip varnish (the FIRST MAC item I've actually CONTEMPLATED buying a back up of!)
-Moxie lipstick
-Pink Poodle (lipstick and lipglass)
-Malibu Barbie ligplass on top of Rocking Chick lipstick (mmm!)
-Zandra lipstick

I really want to try 15 Minutes too. Good post.


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My favorite MAC pinks are Creme de la Femme, Sweetie, Bombshell, and Pink Packed


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My faves are Impassioned, Pink Packed, Girl about Town, Bombshell, Dance, Chatterbox, Sweetie, Cosmo, and Pink Nouveau


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I'm a NC25 and my favorite pinks would be Angel, Bombshell and Sweetie. I'm also really into Scanty lately too, but it's a little more mauvey...

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