Feel Like I've Been Neglecting You All


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Hey gals and guys. I haven't been around much lately, except for the occasional comment or two. I feel bad about it, I really do. All of you were so supportive with the whole apartment thing and everything else, I feel like I've been neglecting you, so I figured I'd pop on and let everyone know what is up in Ms. Pinky's world.

This week was finals week at my college, and I aced all of my exams, earning an A in every class. My GPA should be around 3.9 something when I'm done (out of 4.0). I'm hoping it's good enough to transfer to a 4-year on scholarship one of these days. Been a trying 4 years, but I finally got my associates!

We got a new dog, a mutt we named Sasha (I wanted Sasike, but my hubby was like "No anime names."). She's big, and a handful. Here's a couple of pics:

I've been battling my hidradenitis lately. It's spread from my bikini area to my thighs and it is uber painful. Just think ingrown hair/blood blister with no cause, no cure and about 6 at a time. BLECH.

My hubby and I hit a rough patch, partly due to me missing my thyroid meds a lot and getting depressed, and partly due to him being, well, a man.

My son is growin up so fast. Keeping up with him lately is crazy. We've been working on painting his room, I'll post pics when it's done. But here's a pic of my boy, so big. That's his daddy with him, my hubby:

So yea. That's about it. I'm tired and sore a lot, but I'm still alive. My best friend's sister is getting married and tonight, I'm supposed to meet them for the post bridal shower bowling lol. I haven't seen her sister in about 5 years so it'll be a treat. My best friend and I have been friends since we were 7 and we couldn't be more different. Maybe I'll do my makeup special, who knows.

Well, talk to you all later