Feelin down..... need some advicce!!


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ok so thiss might be long and drawn out but i just want to get it of my chest!

So my best-friend Kathy which i call my sister i've known her since i was 2 is basically my evrythingg love this girl seriously like yeahh you guys get it..
Well when i lived in NY a few years back she introduced me to this guy which i ended up dating for 5 and half years!! I moved which made things so much harder but we still were going strong and i love this guy like no other... i mean i was with someone else when we werent together but it the end my heart always goes back to him... Now that i went to college and im further away from him it is harder...

Now he has this girlfriend
lol yeahh im hating but whatever... ok so funny thing is that the guys bestfriend is now my sisters boyfriend so they are always out together.... Honestly me and the dude still talk and he says he loves me its just so overwhelming! So my sister called me and was like o i met dudes girlfriend and shes so nice we're gonna hang out blah blah... and for the past week shes like o yeahh i was talking to her blah blah me and her this and that she's so cool you should meet her..

Ok i feel major stuoid for saying this but im jealous ya knw kathy is the one i go to talk to about him and stuff now shes like buddy buddy with his new girl... i dunno i feel childish but i cant stp thinking about it it makes me feel shit honestly.. I respect he has a girl it hurts cuz im always thinking about it but now i have to hear about his girlfriend all the time

i just dont want to think about it and i wanted to talk to someone about it lol but i cant talk to my sister about it anymore


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IMO, I say move on, reason being is that... he's with another girl, yet tells you he loves you? is that love to you? looks like you're just going to get yourself hurt. since he has moved on, i think you should too. i'm sure you will find someone wayyyyy better.


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thanks .... i agree i know im just hirting myself i just cant seem to get past almost 6 years of a relationship.. but i KNOW i need to move on i just cant find the way how to

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First, you could jus tell your sis very politely that you really don't care for your ex's gf and would love it if she stopped goin on bout it every now n then. I really think she'll understand. Next, you jus need to see that the guy is tellin you he loves you behind his girl's back, so he jus might end up doin something like that nearly all the time! What's the point in even thinkin bout such a guy n wastin yer time ? Why don't you enjoy what you have instead ?
I mean, go out, have fun .. You mus surely have frnz outside of this circle, rt ? Go to the movies, the mall, buy MU
Hang out with other people, be single or date around ... Jus let it go so you'll be happy!