Finally photographed! My (mostly MAC) makeup collection!


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After countless trips to Ikea, solutions and the dollar store, I was still unimpressed with the storage solutions they offered...​
I had a ton of cardboard paper bags from my recent MAC and Sephora haulage, and so I decided to cut the bottom part off the paper bag and use it as storage for my lippies (cut taller), liners (cut shorter), etc...

I present to you my makeup collection!

Cutlery drawer that used to house my makeup prior to my addiction!​
Current makeup storage - 1 drawer in an Ikea Antonius system (One bedroom apartment = creative storage!)​
Closeup of drawer and lipglosses and treatments​
How my "containers" look like = bottom part of Sephora bag! This one houses lipliners (mostly MAC)​
Another one of my "containers" = bottom part of MAC bag! This one houses lipglosses​
Close up of lipglosses and lip treatments​
Face products​
Random "tools": Tweezers, Eyelash Curler, Evian Water Spray, Brushes I use daily, Blushable Cream Sticks (NYC)​
Eyeliners (moslt Bonne Bell actually! I was in a "phase" of getting colored liners and testing them before committing to UD...Didn't work out as you can tell...) and random mascaras (<3 DiorShow!)​
Backups and new products​
MAC palettes and eyeshadows - housed in a former Saks Bag​
Brush roll from Ebay​
How it looks like open...these are actually quite soft and function well!​
Quo and H&M brushes (my fave brush from Quo is the crease brush=224, from H&M the eyeshadow brush = 217)​
MAC and Bobbi Brown Brushes​
Blush Container​
Ladyblush, Dainty, Random L'Oreal, Sephora Monos, NARS Douceur, Orgasm and Deep Throat and Benefit Coralista!​
CCB's from face container: Hush, Tickle Me Pink and Virgin Isle​
More face stuff: MSF in Natural, Soft and Gentle; Bronzer in Golden Refined, Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Rose (kit with Lips), and Holiday '09 face palette​
"Lip kit" from Bobbi Brown (along with Shimmerbrick in Rose)​
Eye palettes, mostly H&M, two from NYX, one Kat Von D (Rock'N'Roll) and Elizabeth Arden​
Laid out Duos and Quads - Love pigmentation of these...and sooo cheap!​
This was only 7.95$...will post swatches of colours I was really shocked with the payoff!​
How I store my mac palettes - the tissue paper keeps it somewhat clean!​
Blush palette: Top: Pink Swoon, Springsheen, Peaches​
Bottom: Margin, Trace Gold, Harmony​
Neutral Palette​
Pinks and Purples - Empty: Future home of Lala​
Golds and Silvers​
Greens and Blues - Middle row will house Shimmermoss soon...​
Corals and Reds - Top slot will house Straw Harvest soon​
Stray shadows, the Nyx shadow is in Orange and is my favorite everyday shadow...It's a very rare peachy color and it's gorgeous...I don't think there is anything like it in the MAC range​
(Looks much darker in the picture!)​
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my collection and can't wait for your feedback!

Thanks, Mais


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Great stash.