Finally went to my CCO!!!


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So, Friday was my prom and since my hair goes down to about mid-butt on me, we decided not to have it done, but have my makeup professionally done instead. Of course I pick MAC! My MA Chad was AMAZING!!! I am in love with what he did! If you are ever at the Walden Galleria, see him!

The $50 minimum purchase was a great excuse to get some MAC. HeeHee, so I had a mini haul on Friday and got:

~Black Ore Solar Bits


~Volcanic Ash Exfoliator


~Blankety Lipstick (LOVE THIS!)


~Lashes: 36 (not pictured)

So then at post prom, I won a $100 in addition to an iron, desk fan, and $10 to Mighty Taco.

Then, I saw someone post on LJ about the Niagara Falls CCO, and I had to go! It was my first time EVER at the CCO and I was in love with the discounted MAC!
And the best thing was they had McQueen!! Which is especially awesome because Macy's never got it!

My haul:
~Pagan eyeshadow
~Haunting eyeshadow
~Nile eyeshadow
~Electro Sky paint pot
~Otherworldly paint pot
~Pharaoh paint pot
~Rainy Day nail laquer
~Mi'lady mineralize eyeshadow


Grand total: $90.72!!! If I were to have bought this at a counter it would have been $127.33!!

And since I was at the Outlet Mall I did a little more shopping.

~Cell phone case for my eV2 (The case really does have that rainbow-y effect!)


~Red-orange halter and Orange tee from Old Navy (yeah, they look the same color in the picture, but in reality they're different)


~Espresso and turquoise tank and bright green tank from Rue 21


~Gromet belt from Rue 21


Then I did some more shopping at my regular mall and got OPI's OPI Ink, Midnight in Moscow, and Black Chutney Cherry; and a Sparkling Lemon Votive (not pictured) from Yankee Candle



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Awesome haul!!! Great discount at your CCO too - I wish we had a CCO! Have fun with your new goodies


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Originally Posted by CantAffordMAC
Nice haul girly!.....

But more importantly...what the hell is that color on your toes? It is to dieeee for!

lol Thanks! And I actually got the polish at Claire's, it's called Rocker Blue and matched my dress perfectly!