finding out CRAZY weird things u didnt know about sum1 thru their myspace page

Honey B. Fly

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Okay so a friend of mine is dating a new guy. I go to his myspace and click view pics, and this dude has a freaking album of his SISTER posing making-out with 2 other chicks and posing sexy alone. There's a pic labeled with a website, so I type the url in, and the page loads up.... She's a motherfreaking escort(or prostitute 2 be blunt)!!!!

WTF is wrong with people. It's none of my business but I think that is disgusting. Thank god shes not a close friend I see often because I would not be able to keep my mouth shut about it. He's her freaking brother, why would he promote that.

Has any1 else ever found out something really weird thru a myspace page?



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That's sooo weird! Thankfully I deleted my myspace account a long time ago, but when I had one I never came across anything really out there like that.


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That is gross that her brother would be promoting her like that!! Maybe he wants to make sure business is good for her????? While I don't have a Myspace account, I do flip through profiles occasionally. I found out my ex is getting married and having a child which is completely crazy considering how self-centered, and immature he was when we were together. Hopefully he's changed for the better, but it's still mind blowing!


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I found out my cousins bf was cheating on her. There were pics of him with his face in a girls cleavage and of them kissing.

How dumb can you be, if you don't want to get caught doing something you definitely should not be putting it on myspace.


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I deleted my account a few months back also. But I did find out that 2 of my old high school friends are gay. One wasn't really a shock but the other...WOAH! LOL.


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Lol. I haven't found out anything weird about anyone through Myspace, but i'm sure some people found out i'm bi through my Myspace profile!


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maybe it's a virus? myspace has alot of viruses on it, i hope that the dude's "sister" is just a virus because...eww.

if it weren't for myspace, i might not have found out that my ex was cheating on me, tbh. or at least...i wouldn't have found out when i did, it probably would have been much later. thanks, myspace.