Finishing a tube of lipstick?


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I have never finished one in my life! I only get a back up if I really love it and am afraid I might lose it one day, or so that I can have one in my desk and one in my purse.
Same that's why I buy bu of a lippie i love afraid I may lose it aleast I know I have another one sitting pretty lol


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probably around 10 months. I keep a few in my purse that I take to work ..and Ive finished quite a few...
Angel, Creme cup, vivaglam V, Lollipop loving, Vivaglam cyndi, cut a caper, revlon lip butter in cotton candy, revlon pink in the afternoon lipstick...and a ton of gloss.. and this is in 3 years.. so not too too bad. I will say rimmel's airy fairy ive had since 2009 and use it regularly and I still havent finished it =\

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