first bright fotd! poison pen meets stars n rockets


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so i thought id try doing a brighter look today seeing as i always wear netural eye shadows. im not quite sure if ive blended enough or over blended. im trying to improve my e/s skills at the moment because im such a newbie. i havent got up the courage to wear bright e/s out of the house yet just incase people think my e/s looks awful. let me know what you think!

products used:
prep + prime
studio tech nw20
select moisture cover nc15
msf natural light
bronzing powder golden
beauty powder blush true romantic
msf light flush
ipp sassed up
rimmel professional eyebrow pencil 001 dark brown
technakohl liner graphblack
ysl faux cils mascara black
stars n rockets e/s
poison pen e/s
carbon e/s
naked lunch e/s
masque l/s





and a smiling photo for a change!



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GORGEOUS! purple is definitely your color, it looks amazing with your skin/hair color!


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I totally agree with vcanady purple is your color, you look amazing. I wish I could get poisen pen to work for me.


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I really liked the light purple you used!! And you know what...maybe it is best to step outside with that e/s...after all, then you will be able to look in the car mirror and really see if you made any big blending mistakes! lol!

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