First false lashes I need the lowdown from a pro!!


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I'm a complete virgin to fake lashes and need a few questions answered.

Do I put them on before or after the rest of my eye make up? **********Most important of all!!!!!

Should I cover the line where they are attached with eyeliner? Will this ruin them?

What gives the best sticking power? (I spunked out for MAC lash glue, so I'm hoping I have a good glue.)

Should I apply mascara to the lashes too?

How do I conceal my own lashes under them?

How long should I expect a pair to stay on for?

Can I reglue the same pair back down if they start lifting??

I want to test them out tonight ideally so any help/tips/advice you can offer would be excellent.

Does anyone have a tutorial for this??

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After but you might need more liner to cover up glue if it's not clear.

Yes and maybe. The less you put on the lashes the longer they'll last.

Duo is good.

You can but if you curl the lashes with your own you won't need the mascara. Once they're curled they'll blend in better.

Curl them to conceal them.

One day. Take them off at night and you can wear thm a bunch more times if stored well.


Individual ones are easier to apply in my opinion. Full strip lashes are harder because you might need to trim them and placement is harder. Demi lashes are in the middle and easier to place than a full strip.

There's a bunch out there on youtube.
YouTube - False Lashes: How To Apply/Remove/Maintain