First MAC Makeover on friday...SO EXCITED!!


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So, as the title shows, I am going to my first MAC Makeover on Friday. Its at a counter at the Bay and I was told by them that the makeover is free, but there is a fifty dollar minimum to purchase afterwards (which is NO problem for Anyways, I was thinking I should go for a bolder look...anyone have any good ideas/colors I could request??


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It's all a matter of what you want. But a good idea is to maybe cut out pictures of some looks you might want to try. It will also help your artist know what you want so you can create a great look together.


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I think going with an open mind and talk with the artist about what you want and listen to what she thinks... will work out better then going with a set mind of what colors they should use. MAC has so many colors, don't put yourself in a box for your first makeover... is there any look that you always wanted to try? Is there any colors that you always wondered how they would look like on you? Be open, have fun, and speak up about want you are thinking and let give room to the artist to be creative and show you something new and fun!

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