first smokey look

j babyy

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so this was my first really attempt at doing a smokey its not too love to hear what yall think and what you think would make it better!

oh and p.s. apparently i liked kissy faces yesterday

and im too lazy too post what i used so if you wanna know just ask


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ooh thats gorgeous! the teal makes your eyes really stand out! if you dont mind, what did you use on your eyes and lips?

j babyy

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thanks so much darlings!

beiging s/s
frost e/s
blacktied e/s
teal pigment...(not eyesafe so be careful!)
blacktrack f/l

florabundance l/g


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That looks really pretty!

I always thought Teal pigment WAS eyesafe. Haha oh well. I use it on my eyes and have never had a problem with it, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

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