Five or six basic MAC brushes


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I am doing a Professional and Personal Dev. Workshop on Makeup 101 for a organization that I volunteer for. It helps prepare women for job readiness. Everything from interviewing to dressing for the job as well as personal and professional coaching.

I wanted to use maybe five or six basic brushes. Brushes comparable to those they could find in brush set or purchase separately at a relatively moderate to low cost.

Here is what I had in mind: 116, 182, 190, 222, 213 and 242.


Ooops I forgot a lip brush...


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Bad news, I'm not sure you'll find the 182 Deneuve kabuki anywhere... we sold out of it some time ago.
for what it's worth... the 5 Brushes I'll Die without... 150 for blush and powder, 190 for foundation, 294 for color deposit, 293 for liner and brow, 217 for blending and 219 for smudging/lining/smoking/etc etc...


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My personal favs are:
For Eyes: 217 (blending) 239(color application) 266/208 (fluidlines, liner)
Face: 187


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These sound great I have only 239 and looking to get, 129-blush, 217-crease and blending, What is the difference between 187 and 150? TIA


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187, 190, 136, 213, 224, 242, 316

Sorry, that 7. But yeah.


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182 (my fav brush but since it's LE it's probably not good to recommend it since you won't be able to buy it anywhere, I should think)


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My selections have changed since the first post and probably will again, LOL, before I actually do the presentation. Right now I am thinking 213/239 (I am trying to use a brush that is dual purpose, apply/blend and easy to use) 116,136, 316 and 266. For extras I wanted to have on hand 102, 182, 190 and 272.


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here are my must haves : 217 (awesome for blending and a wash of color), 219 (great for crease work), 209 (for lining), 213 (for color application) and 187 (for applying powder and blush).


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187 for blush and foundation.
242 for the lid.
222 and 224 for the crease and for defining the lid and crease.
263 for liner.


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for face would be the 187 cause you can use it for foundation, powder and even blush if you would want.
217 cause you can use it for eyeshadow, base, and concealer
213 for eyeshadow
231 for eyeliner or eyeshadow
316 for lip and travel cause its covered