Flourishing. Help!


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I have had Flourishing e/s for ages now and I am damned if I know what to pair it with. I've only tried it with Petalescent, and it worked so-so. Any ideas for anything else?
(I have looked at the MAC combo page but there were only 2 entries for Flourishing.)


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naked lunch/hush/motif/paradisco/juxt as lid colors (use appropiate paint under such as bare study, rubenesque, laying low, mosscape)

use coquette as crease (it's a gorgeous brownish green) and

flourishing in the outer V

blitz & glitz fluidline or buried treasure powerpoint. I did this look on a prom girl and it looked fab. I used mosscape paint, juxt on lid, coquette in crease, flourishing outer V and a tad bit of carbon.


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Soft Ochre as a base
Vanilla/Daisychain/Rose Blanc on the lid
Flourishing in the crease/outerV
Shroom to highlight.


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I'd try it in the crease with Woodwinked on the lid and then Shroom as a highlight. you could also try it on the lid with Golden Olive and then something like Wedge or another brown in the crease. Hope that helps!

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