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Fluidline tutorial


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I did this eyeliner tutorial for my blog and thought that I'd post it here aswell
Let me know what you think!

Products used

  • MAC fluidline - blacktrack
  • MAC #208


This is how my naked eye looks, without any mascara, eyeliner or eye pencil. I've filled in my brows, though, and applied a base of UDPP and a flesh coloured eyeshadow (MAC brule) on the entire eyelid so that the eyeliner will stay in place for a longer time.


I start out by applying eyeliner along the middle of the lash line. Thanks to the fact that my brush has such a wide surface, it's really easy to get close to the lash line. I apply my eyeliner with several short strokes to get the line as smooth as possible, and when I apply it I keep my eye half closed as in the picture.


I then apply eyeliner along the outer part of the lash line. Since the eyelid is a bit softer here, I gently pull the eyelid outwards with a finger to get an even line without any cuts in it.


The next step is to apply eyeliner along the inner part of the lash line. To get a line that's as thin as possible, I keep my eye almost entirely open during this step, and keep the brush angled almost parallell to my eye. As you can see in the picture, the line is at its thinnest towards the inner corner of the eye, and thickest at the outer corner. This gives the impression of a bigger and more open eye. I also don't apply eyeliner all the way to the inner corner. If you want a more descrete eyeliner, you can stop here, if you want a more dramatic line with a wing, move on to the next step.


When creating the wing outside the outer corner of the eye, I always start out by drawing a line that's sort of an extension of the lower lash line. That helps with getting the right angle of the wing and make sure that it doesn't end up too far down; that may make your eyes look tired. I pull my eyelid slightly outwards during this step aswell to get an even line.


Lastly, I connect the lower line with the upper line, and I keep pulling my eyelid outwards to get a nice and even line. I usually clean up and perfect the lines I've done previously during this step. All done, all you have to do now is to draw a line just like this on the other eye!



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Thanks for the tut! I am always trying to get the little wing, but i can ser. never get it right. Im going to try your method tomorrow


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So pretty and nice neat line. I have such a hard time getting both my eyes looking pretty much the same.


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very good tutorial i always end up blotching my wing how matter how i do it..i guess ill have to keep practicing.

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