fluidlines, how long do they last?


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if i use my fluidlines everyday, how long should it last me? i need to know if i should get backup before august comes.


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Hmm,. if you are using more than one color,.. you'll probably be okay till then,.. also if you are a fluidline junkie like me,... the new line,..D'Bohemia will have a new color,.. Shade (Dark Green) to integrate,..I redo my makeup about twice a day and had my Blacktrack for at least two months and havent even touched a fourth of it. A little goes a long way,...


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I would think that sanitary issues would come into play before usage (using it all) issues...
Unless you clean your brush after every usage I would imagine it being a cream/gel base it could potentially grow bacteria or something... Martygreene would know more about that and would have more info on it under product safetly I think.

I cant see anyone using one of the fluidliners in 3-4 months even using it every day unless its being used as a base and a liner for both lines...even still I would think the amount used wouldnt come close to emptying it..IMHO that is :p

Ive used mine every other day for over a month and havent even made a dent in em yet..


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Originally Posted by glittergoddess27
,..I redo my makeup about twice a day

Twice a day? Really? Why? Does it not last?


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glittergoddess27, yeah i read about the new darkgreen fluidline coming out. i seriously can't wait. right now i only have waveline and blacktrack because i really love DARK eyeliner. how much do you put on? because i put it on thick, especially around my waterline.

mac_obsession, i totally didn't even think about the sanitary issue, so thank you for bringing it up. but i do wash my brushes everyday, right after i use it, so hopefully it'll still be good.

thanks for all your help guys!


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I go through mine so slowly, that I wonder if it would be adequate just to wipe off the top layer after a few weeks, just to make sure nothing grows?


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Or spray finely with alcohol, like methylated spirits. If you've ever had that touch even the smallest cut or graze, it stings like mad so it should kill nasties too. Don't quote me on it, but I think it's even stronger than isopropyl alcohol (which US seems to use for sanitising purposes, I've seen on swapnotes etc.).

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