FOTD Catch-up 05/28


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This was my first ever attempt at a really dark crease. to compound the um.. ambitiousness of it, i decided to use my two colour nemeses: purple and yellow. so, it turned out kinda like a buise, but i like to think of it as a sexy bruise. my boyfriend joked that he didn't want to go out in public for fear people would lynch him after accusing him of domestic abuse =|

anyway, here it is. my eyes were watering like mad so the outter corner on one side was photoshopped ever so slightly to put a bit of the teared-away purple in right in the very corner, but in some photos i didn't bother, so you can see a bit of a 'hole' in the purple right near my outter tearduct.


eyes(blending could always improve!):

no flash/


and what would one of my posts be without a barrage of goofy faces? what's weird is they show the makeup SO WELL!

EM foundation in fair neutral and golden fair
MAC pretty baby bp
MAC Don't Be Shy blush on cheeks
MAC Fleurry blush on cheeks
BeneFit Georgia blush on cheeks

Corn ss on inner lid, mangomix sson centre lid, crimsonaire ss on outter lid
Revlon shimmery yellow on inner lid, outter lid, Revlon shimmery light yellow on browbone
MAC juiced e/s on inner lid
MAC acid orange pig on centre of lid
MAC sunplosion e/s on outter 1/3 of lid
MAC hepcat e/s on outter lid
MUFE #58 (matte raspberry) on outter lid, above crease
MUFE #92(matte purple) in crease, below lashline
MAC beelicious liner on waterline w/ revlon shimmery yellow over it
MAC orange tangent e/s above MUFE above crease
MAC nylon just under brows
Lancome booster XL base on lashes, CG volume exact
MAC coquette(really shoddy job!) on brows

peachier lips:
MAC Style It Up l/s
MAC Petal Lure l/s
MAC Wonderstruck lustreglass

i fixed my makeup up cause i saw bare spots, and changed the lips...for lips that look pinker:
MAC Real Doll l/s blotted
MAC Wonderstruck lustreglass
MAC Petal Pusher lustreglass

thanks for looking, have a great day guys!


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Wow, like the other girlies said, I don't think it looks like a bruise at all. It looks FABULOUS. And I looooove the lip color!!! Goooorgeous!!


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I don't think it looks like a bruise. It is gorgeous. Your blending is wicked. You will have to do a tut for this.


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I think it's gorgeous. I kind of see the bruise (what? those are the colours I turn) I think if you hadn't have brought it down as far on the sides/bottom it may have looked less bruised. Either way it's hot and I'd totally wear it out bruise or no lol. The colours really do look fantastic.


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My goodness, I don't know how you manage to take colors that would make me look stupid and turn them into these amazing looks. Great job!


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Your FOTDs just take my breath away!! Seriously... you have sooo much talent it is freakin rediculous!! Your looks are always so unique & just plain old perfect!!! You amaze me! Plus, the fact that you are stunningly beautiful dosnt hurt either
Awesome look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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