FOTD catch-up 06/19 - Crimzone Lips!


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This summer was all about how i decided i love pink! so, here's yet another pink/orange/yellow FOTD. but it's matte, and there's glitter liner... so that's different, right??? [pretend you agree to bolster my spirit, cause lately, i feel highly uncreative! =) ]

i mucked up the lashes badly on one side, but i guess with the angle they ended up glued you only notice it when i closed my eyes.

and... here they are!

duh... weird face, stupid bad side!!


too close for comfort? yes, yes it is.

so how bout i post another to further the discomfort. how bout it?

that's more like it! I think the BeneFit High Beam shows really beautifully in this picture... i think it's the reason i get so many compliments on my skin when i wear it + EM

closed-eye photos:







no flash/flash comparison:


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! i look like a clown whore, it's hilarious! go ahead, laugh! save this photo for a rainy day and you feel like crap and i assure you, looking at it will make you giggle! gotta love how mineral makeup makes you look like you're wearing a ghosty white mask in flash photos!

EM fair neutral foundation
EM intensive fair concealer
EM finishing dust
MAC fleurry blush + Benefit Georgia + MAC Don't Be Shy
Benefit High Beam on cheeks, chin

Benefit LemonAid
Revlon shimmery yellow (think i'm gonna replace this with going bananas cause the revlon one fades sooo quickly)
MAC mango e/s on inner lid and on brow bone
MAC plume e/s on outter lid and above crease
MUFE #58 in crease
MAC nylon e/s to highlight
MAC shimmerline g/l on upper lashline
QUO #804 lashes (at least i'm getting my money's worth out of this pair!)
Lancome long lasting eyeliner in bursting blue
CG volume exact mascara

MAC Crimzone l/s
MAC stiletto l/s
Smashbox l/g in Trend (shimmery blue)

Do you guys like Smashbox glosses? I'm trying to branch out from just MAC ones. I didn't like this one at all... it didn't layer well... even when i took the gloss out of the tube with the doefoot and put it on a clean petri dish and used a lip brush to apply it, it still like, pulled up the crimzone rather than covering it in a cool blue shimmer.


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Oh my, this is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful!

Your skin is like porcelain. So doll-like and flawless. I'm jealous!


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This is AMAZING!!! Seriously...I am in love with this. It is my favorite thing that I have seen from anyone in a while! Don't be too upset if I try to copy it one day haha. I absolutely LOVE it.


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You seriously do you makeup so perfectly the only way to describe it is "unreal"... you are like a doll!! I dont know how you get your lips, eyes & skin to all look so wonderful... you just glow girl! This look is as awesome as all your others!!!

Baby Mac

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Your skin looks great! I have a question do you put the highbeam on before or after the minerals?? Sorry im knew to makeup stuff


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this is sooooooo freaking fabulous! your eyebrows are fab, great blending, lashes are ultra cool.. and you have the picture perfect pout! i just knew you were wearing my favorite palatial lipglass by mac.. oh well.. this is an awesome look!

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