FOTD catch-up: 07/31 Pastel Sunrise


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Hey guys! Here's another FOTD from way back in the summer when I actually had time to do makeup. I wanted to do a different shape than i normally do, so i started with the darkest colour on the inner corner and worked my way to lighter colours towards the outside. Since I have close set eyes, i figured the only way i could successfully pull this off so i wouldn't look cross-eyed would be to keep the colours light, which is boring, but oh well.

nyhoo,I don't remember everything I used, but it looked nice in person. My makeup normally doesn't look nice. it either looks crazy, or non-existent. i don't do pretty, but apparantly this was. I also tossed my blacktrack f/l b/c it was dead, so i only had liquid liner and man, i'm totally NOT as good at that as I am at gel lining, so apologies in advance for uneven winged liner!

bleh! I hate my wrinkly eyelids... they don't even crease/wrinkle symmetrically - stupid foreskin-like eyelids =(


EM fair neutral
EM intensive fair concealer
MAC fleurry blush probably

MAC Fantastic Plastic CCB
MAC Plume e/s all around eyeline and inner corner
MAC Mango e/s on outter lid, blended out above crease
Revlon pale shimmery yellow e/s above Mango
MAC Pollen e/s beneath brows
MUFE #58 on lower waterline (should have been winged or something, looks unfinished)
MAC Coquette e/s on brows(which look seriously messed lately
L'Oreal liquid liner in Black Mica winged
QUO #804 lashes
Maybelline lash discovery mascara

LIPS(i can't remember very well =( ):
MAC Casanova + Skew + Rosalee l/s maybe?
MAC Nymphette l/g


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It's beautiful as always. I'm in love with the lips. The whole colour combo of everything is magnificent. I always love how bright and cheery your makeup tends to be. OH and :in: on foreskin eyelid group. ahaha I hate it when taking pictures but it's the only time you ever really notice it.


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Your look seriously BLOW ME AWAY!!! You just AMAZE me with your beauty & talent... I
every single look you have ever done, really... i do!! I always get so excited when i see a new post from you, hehe!!

This look is sooooo pretty!! I love how its a "subtle bold" i could never do anything like this, though i'd love to try...

Perfect as always & btw, your liner couldnt be more straight... i dont know why you think it looks uneven!!!


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I have no idea what you're talking about with the liner, it looks great!

Your makeup is always beautiful, I love this look!


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Girl you look hot! As always.. haha. I love the liner, its not uneven at all! Where do you get QUO lashes??


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I love your looks but you tend to use the same colours (oranges and pinks) a lot I've seen one where you did blue and it was beautiful! I'd love to see you try something crazy/diff more

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