FOTD Catch-up 09/05: Pseudo-drag FOTD


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That bride is just stunning!! You did an amazing job!!

...and you my dear, as always look flawless!! I am inlove with your mouth! You have the most perfect lips ever... they dont look real!! You are really an inspiration!!!

Oh & as someone else wrote... i'm wondering how your mom is doing too & wishing you & your family the best!!!


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You did a wonderful job on the bride, she looks simply stunning! And you too look so great in these colours - you can really pull off any colour so well!


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I really love the bride mu! Just amazing!!! You're a talented mu artist. Pls do my mu!!!


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Oh my God! I have said that so many times when I see your photos. I can only dream of having skills like this. AMAZING! Probably my favorite makeup job I've seen so far.


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Originally Posted by Hilly
i love the shape of your lips!

so true and both the bride and your look are freakin amazing i love it


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I think you're amazing.

I also think...for /my/ tastes, I'd prefer the look on you with a light or nudish lip. Just...since the eyes are /so/ /intense/.

Regardless.....your work is always so impressive!

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