FOTD update (Pic heavy!)


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I just realized that I haven't posted any FOTD's here on specktra since before christmas; I guess I've been too busy posting them on my blog
I'll post here more often in the future, I promise! So here are a couple of FOTD's from january and february. I've also changed my hair color from pitch black to bright blood red, I really like it! It went from black to red in two phases because I didn't want to fry my hair, I'll start with posting a picture that shows the difference between the first bleach and the second!


The second time I bleached and dyed it is to the left, and the first time is to the right. The first time I bleached my hair with a bleach bath twice and then slapped some special effects blood red over it, and the second time I only bleached the dark tips and the hair that had grown out since the last bleach, and then dyed it blood red again!

Enough about the hair, it's the makeup you all really want to see
I'll only write down what I used on eyes and lips because there are so many pictures, so if there's something else you're wondering about just ask! I usually wear loose mineral foundation (MAC or EM) on my face, a MSF to highlight my cheekbones, UDPP as eye primer, MAC plush lash mascara, Make up store tri brow color, MAC blacktrack fluidline or MAC rapidblack penultimate liner.

January 9th

Eyes: MAC gilded ash metal-x, MAC club, humid and shroom e/s, MAC wolf pearlglide liner
Lips: MAC prep + prime lip, MAC chatterbox l/s, MAC love alert dazzleglass




January 13th

Eyes: MAC quietly, pinked mauve and teal pigment, MAC hepcat, beauty marked and shroom e/s, UD 24/7 zero glide on eye pencil
Lips: MAC prep + prime lip, MAC lightly ripe l/s, MAC pink grapefruit l/g




January 16th

Eyes: MAD minerals taxi, MAC kelly green pigment, MAC cool heat, climate blue and solar white eyeshadow, UD 27/4 zero glide on eye pencil
Lips: MAC prep + prime lip, MAC love alert dazzleglass




January 21st

Eyes: MAC artifact p/p, MAC beauty marked, coppering, sushi flower and shroom e/s, UD 24/7 zero and lucky glide on eye pencils
Lips: MAC not so shy see thru lip color, MAC ola mango! l/g




February 4th

Eyes: MAD minerals taxi,Ninja Minerals limepuff, MAC lime, humid and shroom e/s, MAC wolf pearlglide liner
Lips: MAC prep + prime lip, MAC mystic l/s, MAC rich & ripe l/g




February 10th

Eyes: MAD minerals taxi, MAC juiced and coppering e/s, MAC off the radar and vanilla pigments, UD 24/7 lucky glide on eye pencil
Lips: MAC prep + prime lip, MAC magenta lip liner, MAC girl about town l/s, MAC cult of cherry l/g




Let me know what you think!


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I love that red and your haircut. I just had mine cut today to an A-line and I dyed it back to red about two week ago
I just hope I would have as much hair as you do so I could sport such a layered cut that you have.
And as usual you make up is perfect, I particulary like the greens


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Wow, those 'all' looked good on you!! I liked the purple and deep red the most -especially in combo. with your gorgeous deep red hair -beautiful!


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You look friggin amazing! Holy cow woman! You can do no wrong with those colors, I'm stunned!

You have amazing eyes, one of the pictures looked like you had water ripples in them, I'm completely jealous of you! ><


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you look like a china doll. you have the sweetest features. anyways, as for the makeup, it's all amazing! i really like the lighter/brighter colours on you now that your hair isn't as dark, especially the look from the 16th!

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